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Real Estate Agents: 3 Ways To Expand Your Social Media Audience

Finding the right ways to grow your social media presence can be quite tough especially since there is a lot of misleading information out there these days. Large and small scale real estate businesses alike, must sort through all this information in order to come across social media marketing strategies that actually work. Here are 5 of the best social media practices that you need to follow if you wish to expand your visibility and target audience.

Choose The Right Platforms

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times, but choosing the right social media platform is still extremely important. You need to determine if your business and target customers are more inclined to visual presentation such as YouTube or perhaps Pinterest. Other types of agents do better with Twitter and Facebook.  Choose platforms that you think will help your business thrive rather than drown your business together with the many other hopeful agents who have failed to choose the right one.

Don’t Force Your Brand

When it comes to social media, forcing your brand will definitely not do you any good. Online surfers, especially those who are active on social media networks are very cautious when it comes to advertisements. They are extremely mindful of companies who constantly drive their audience to like or even follow their brand.

In most cases, these agents end up having lesser volume of audience compared to those agents that do not force their brand. Avoid being too promotional, you will just end up driving away your audience instead of attracting more. Employ a tactic that will engage your audience on an emotional aspect. ‘Feel Good’ posts are preferable to those which promote your brand directly. You should be focusing on “shareability” of posts and let your product sell itself in the long run.

All Day, All Night

Social media is 24/7. It doesn’t rest and it rarely goes on a downtime. With such a variety of different time zones, it’s likely that social media networks are going to be working all the way, day in and day out. If you wish to have an effective social media marketing strategy, you need to make sure that the one that you are going to employ will be working even during off peak hours. Your strategy must never sleep.

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Real Estate Agents…Stop Waiting for Permission!

“Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated. Begin, and then the work will be completed. “ Jean Anouilh

Most of us have a list of things we have wanted to do in our lives, but we never got around to doing them for one reason or another. As the months and years slip by, “someday” never happens and those inspiring ideas and dreams ultimately slip away as well. This is a common story for many real estate agents.

But there are also a small group of top producing agents who don’t allow this to happen. They are the action takers and the masses of agents who don’t follow their dreams will often look at this group of agents living inspiring lives, and wonder what their secret is.

Very often, the key difference between the agents and the top producers actually living their dreams is simply their attitude. These inspirational agents decide that they want to do something and then they do whatever it takes to make sure the experience becomes reality. They don’t focus on, or worry about the risks and they don’t wait for “permission” to act on their ideas.

If you look at some of the most common excuses that stop agents from taking action on a bold, exciting business idea, they usually sound something like this:

“I am too busy to try something new.”

“My spouse would think I’m irresponsible.”

“My friends would make fun of me.”

“Everyone will think I’m chasing another one of my crazy dreams.”

“I’m too old to be trying something so risky.”

In other words, many agents are abandoning some of the most important ideas and goals in their life because of the potential of being ridiculed or put down by other people who don’t understand the dream.

In essence, they feel like they don’t have “permission” to go after the thing they want.

As soon as you realize that there is no one who will grant you permission, everything changes. As soon as you begin speaking to yourself differently, everything changes. When you realize that there is no one controlling your decisions and there is no one to get permission from, you regain the power you need to act on your biggest ideas.

Take some time today to get back in touch with some of the big goals that you may have abandoned in the past. Why did you abandon those goals? Is there still a part of you that wants to achieve this thing? If so, how can you begin to change your thinking so that you give yourself permission to go for it?

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6 Top Producer Tips For Dealing With Pressure

Every real estate agent knows if you aren’t careful, pressure can sneak up and overwhelm you. Before you know it, you’re a mess. Sitting in your chair, sweating, heart racing, and dreading the thought of doing any work. Fortunately there are some tricks top producers use to deal with pressure. With a little practice, you can use these top producer tips to turn nerve-wracking stress into pure motivation.

Count Backwards

It sounds simple, but counting backwards from 100 is a great way to distract yourself from pressure and reset your mindset. This easy trick is the perfect way to get started doing a task that you’ve been putting off. Simply sit back, close your eyes, and count backwards thinking only of the numbers instead of what is stressing you out.


Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress according to numerous medical studies. Clearing your mind from all thought and concentrating on your breathing leaves no room in your head to fixate and focus on what’s bothering you. Learning to meditate is one of the best ways to beat chronic stress and overwhelming pressure that there is.


Nothing works like exercise when it comes to dealing with pressure. Not only does the act itself take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out, it also helps your brain to release positive endorphins that can make you feel great. People who exercise regularly report feeling less stress and pressure at work and at home.

Believe in Yourself

Positive thinking can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. The simple act of believing in yourself and knowing that you’re doing your best is a great way to turn pressure into motivation. The next time you’re faced with overwhelming pressure, tell yourself that you can do it. Whatever tasks lay before you, think positively about them and envision yourself completing them.

Enjoy What You Do

It never hurts to enjoy what you do, although this can be a difficult way of dealing with pressure. Look for the little things in the task that you like doing and complete them. You’ll find that once you start working you’re motivated to keep going. Real estate agents who enjoy their work report feeling less pressure and higher levels of motivation than those who don’t like what they do for a living.

Stand Up and Take a Break

If nothing else is working, then stand up and take a break. Taking 5 minutes for yourself every hour is a great way to reset and refocus on the task at hand. Studies have shown that people who socialize at work, or even just stand up and stretch their legs, get more done than those who sit at their desk worrying over the task at hand.

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Top Producers Break The Rules!

Top Producers Break the Rules

Breaking the rules can empower you – really. Rules can severely limit your beliefs and purpose in life, keeping you back from expressing emotions and from trying new things.

Think about the negative things you tell yourself on a daily basis – “I can’t do that,” “I don’t have the assertiveness to be a top producer,” “Nobody will want to list with me.” Each of these negative thoughts are derived from a rule of society that needs to be broken.

If someone says says you shouldn’t do something you’re passionate about, defy them. Break the rule and try. Unless you try, you may choose a path which will keep you unhappy the remainder of your life – or at least sad that you didn’t try.

When you stand like a statue in a group setting and let someone disrespect you or someone else without speaking up, you’re demeaning yourself – and that’s horrible for your self-esteem.

Speaking up and defending yourself or the belief or person can help you feel proud of yourself and have acted based on your own belief system – and bravery in the face of others who may want to put you down.

You may have been through one or several painful experiences in your past which has made an impact on your psyche and is still keeping you from moving forward with power and a purpose in life.

Dealing with the negatives that are defining you now is the only way to combat the experience and move on successfully with your life. That may mean breaking the rules that have held you back. The empowerment you gain from taking action will do wonders for your mindset.

At some point, you know you’re more than what your negative experiences have made you. You know through self-reflection that the blame isn’t all yours and that you can gain back your power with determination and knowledge.

Engaging in optimism in your life thoughts and trusting yourself to do the right thing are important in the empowering process. Find joy in breaking the rules which has kept you back, made you feel cynical about life and don’t compare yourself to others.

Be your own guide when it comes to empowering yourself. Don’t let others dictate what you should and shouldn’t be. Follow your own rules and guidelines for that, always being aware of the consequences and rewards of breaking a rule. Then, you can make the right decision for YOU!

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Do Top Producers Always Take Risks?

One of the things that make people wary of entering the world of real estate is that they are not risk-takers by nature and they hope that they are going to be able to be a successful agent without taking huge risks. Many would-be Top Producers simply give up before they start because they are afraid of those risks. But do successful Top Producers always take huge risks?

The Truth about Successful Top Producers

The truth is, while Top Producers do take risks once in a while and should take a risk if the chances of success are good, most Top Producers are actually very conservative when it comes to risk. For example, a successful agent isn’t going to spend a thousand dollars for an online ad campaign without first spending a few hundred dollars in designing a website in order to capture and incubate the leads that are generated.

How Top Producers Prevent Risks

Top Producers who become successful rarely achieve it out of sheer chance. Although there have been a few cases where a person was in the right place at the right time, they still had to develop the services and get it front of people. But the majority of the time, chances almost nothing to do with it. Instead, analysis and smart decisions are the framework of their business, both things geared towards minimizing the risk is much as possible.

How Top Producers Minimize Their Investment

Also, Top Producers look for ways to save money, even if it’s only a few dollars, because each cost-saving action can add up to quite a bit of money. That’s why they look for very low cost or free things that will allow them to make their business better without costing them anything. Some examples of this are: software, marketing, web design and much more. Successful Top Producers minimize the risk, save money wherever they can and end up with an investment that is engineered to succeed – and that’s the right way to approach real estate.

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Top Producers Take Personal Responsibility

There are certain attributes that you can find with almost every top producer out there. Drive and persistence are among those, but another huge one is their willingness to take personal responsibility for their life and their livelihood, which is why so many of them are successful. Have you ever met someone who believed that everything that happened to them was someone else’s fault even when it was clearly theirs? That kind of person will never be a top producer because they believe that things happen to them instead of them making things happen, either positive or negative. So, how can you cultivate this personal responsibility to be a top producer?

The World Owes You Nothing

Top Producers feel as if the world is theirs for the taking, but they don’t feel like they are owed something by the world. They believe that if there is something that they want or need, the responsibility to go out and get it is theirs and theirs alone. They don’t believe that someone is going to come along and hand them a check, without a great deal of hard work beforehand. That’s why they are so good at recognizing opportunities – because they are looking for them, and they are willing to act when they see the opportunity present itself.

They Do Not act like Victims

There are people out there who have what is called a victim mentality, which simply means that they believe that some metaphysical someone – like fate – is out to get them, and that’s why they haven’t had the opportunities that other people have. They think of themselves as a victim and so have negative thoughts and beliefs which is an attribute not suited for real estate sales. Successful people know that when something bad happens it’s just chance, and they have the opportunity to rise above it.

They Learn from Their Mistakes and They Are Grateful

Finally, a top producer not only has no problem making mistakes – they know it is going to happen whether they have a problem with that or not – the actually embrace their mistakes because they have the opportunity to learn something from them. When something bad happens, they considered a learning experience and they improve so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Most of the time, Top Producers are very grateful for the learning opportunity as well, because they might have continued making that mistake if it hadn’t been brought to their attention.

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