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What is an Agent Centric System?

Centric means central so "agent centric" simply means the agent is the center of attention and everything in the office works to help them. Most traditional real estate offices are busy trying to make money off of the agents, with agent centric we focus on making the agents money.

Agent Centric is a personalized, one on one, agent focused solution that provides agents the latest tools to achieve success, and the attention and accountability needed to ensure the proper utilization of those tools and systems. 

Agent Centric offices separate the exceptional real estate professionals from the average real estate agents, offering explosive growth opportunities and extraordinary results.

Our Agent Centric Systems involves the development and mastering of the tools, techniques, systems, habits and mind sets that will take your career to the next level and beyond. Find answers for better team management, time management, attracting more business, or whatever your needs are. Refine your existing skills and habits so you can focus on the most important tasks and priorities necessary to produce measurable results while improving your Quality of Life.

An Agent Centric Office is perfect for those real estate professionals who want to be part of the elite group of agents who now control 83% of the business. (And 83% of the total commission dollars being generated!).

Home of the Unlimited Opportunity!

  • Trustworthy Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Individual Personal Accountability Coach
  • New Cutting Edge Technologies to Streamline Business
  • Sales Agent Automation Toolkit
  • Practical Systems that Maximize Productivity While Delivering a Competitive Edge
  • Client Lead Management and Contact  System
  • Superior Internet and Social Media Marketing System
  • Top of the Line Advanced Agent Training
  •  Incredible Brand Recognition
  • Powerful Marketing Tools Designed Specially for Lead Generation
  • Strong but Fair Leadership
  • Great Administrative and Management Support
  • Unbeatable Compensation Plans

An Agent Centric System helps you to focus on dramatic improvements in very specific areas of your business and life.

Each agent has an individual success plan that includes a plan of action with instructions for completing the specific business building tasks and activities that assure success. And most importantly, an Agent Centric System provides a clear mechanism for accountability and systematized implementation. 

Our entire team will work together to utilize all of the resources needed to create your ideal (and highly profitable) real estate business.

Are you on the most direct route to your SUCCESS?

Are you a hard working real estate agentdetermined and eager to succeed but lack the tools and direction necessary to tap your true potential? Perhaps you're making good money but somehow you can’t find time to enjoy it. Maybe you’re just stuck at a certain plateau or income level.

In an Agent Centric office we believe that to help an agent maximize their true potential we must draw on the unique strengths of each individual agent and develop an effective agent-company relationship.  We offer Agent Centric Coaching which is a proven, end-to-end integrated process that we use to diagnose agent needs and develop truly customized solutions that lead to sustained sales performance improvement. Our system enables agents to focus on critical sales methodologies,  the effective implementation of systems, duplicateable activities, and skills that change behavior, improve performance, and drive results. 

As the real estate business environment becomes more and more competitive, it is critical that you proactively develop the latest skills and strategies that enable you to: Plan, Target, Connect, Prospect, and Convert huge numbers of sales opportunities.

Our Agent Centric system is perfect for that elite group of real estate professionals, tired of being just another name on an agent roster, who desire to be among the best of the best!




An agent centric system can help you focus on taking your business to a new level of success with incredible results in your sales production, tremendous personal growth and the ability to create meaningful and lasting changes in your attitude and business practices.


Are you stuck in what feels like a dead end? Did you have momentum, but feel like you are losing it? Would you benefit from coaching? Would you like a mentor? Is the culture or environment in your office not providing the motivation and direction you wish you had? 

There is no real secret to creating and maintaining consistent and prolonged success in the real estate business. It is the result of consistently following a realistic action plan of daily, weekly and monthly activities combined with the implementation of organization and proven systems.

The challenge for most professionals is staying focused and uncovering the minor adjustments or major changes necessary to be successful - and when you do, having the resources and guidance necessary to make the changes that will move your business and life to the next level.

An Agent Centric Office is for those real estate professionals that are committed to becoming a consistent top producer and want the tools, support and accountability to help them accomplish that objective.


 Would you like to make more money in less time?

Are you an experienced agent who has proven knowledge of the business and is looking to make a quantum leap in the results you are generating? Perhaps you are not experiencing the kind of success you had envisioned and you need some help finding ways to attain that type of success. An Agent Centric system can help you.

If you are just getting back into the business or an agent not reaching your true potential, and you are committed to producing incredible results, an Agent Centric System can help YOU! This proven performance and productivity enhancement system offers a solution designed specifically for those professionals who are struggling or inconsistent in their production. 

Or, perhaps you are new to the industry and are looking to get on the fast track to greatness in real estate. You're totally committed to creating a stellar business that will be your vehicle to personal wealth and freedom. You are incredibly ambitious and you have the desire to "step up to the plate" and achieve the goals you originally set for yourself. An Agent Centric System  will JUMPSTART your career and help you become a consistent producer in 90 days or less.

Interested in learning more about how an Agent Centric System can help you? Contact me today and let's talk about your future.




One of the wonderful things about a career in real estate is that there are many paths to success. Choosing the right one for you makes all the difference. Interested in learning more about how an Agent Centric System can help you make more money, do it in less time so you can enjoy your life more? Contact me today!

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